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Agriturismo "La Landuccia"

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latitudine 43°16'43.61"N

longitudine 10°47'44.44"E

La Pietraia organic farm

Our farm has its roots deep in the history of Tuscan mezzadria - dividing the crops half and half with the landowner - from which it inherited the fundamental values of the countryside and deep ties with the territory. Making treasure of all this, our family has been taking care of the old farm for generations.

The twenty hectares that make up the farm are used principally for sheep. Oats, clover and alfalfa grow strongly on the plains, with the hills used for pastures and forage in the background for as far as the eye can see, amongst the Mediterranean scrubland.

The principal activity is breeding Pomarancina sheep, an old local breed originating from Tuscan Apennine stock.

As every good farm from years ago, we keep pigs and other farmyard animals out in the fields guaranteeing them the best of conditions and at the same time maintaining a quality product.

The vineyard and the olive groves are also an important part of the farm. Our olives trees grow in both the intensive farming method popular today and they are also to be found as part of the Tuscan scenery that will leave deeply impressed memories in our visitors’ minds.

Lastly we have a large vegetable garden where we grow seasonal produce for use in the kitchen throughout the year, often transforming part of it into jams and preserves.

Despite using today’s methods we use the care of days gone by keeping quality in mind. Our products are reserved for a restricted number of clients with a refined palate who return time and time again to try traditional dishes in a setting they thought was long lost.

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